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Bad weather blues....
When the weathers bad, do a full body exfoliation and major 'all over moisturise' Wait a day, apply false tan and enjoy your own 'Safe Summer Skin' Rain or shine......
More than #morethanjustalipbalm
The beautifully organic shea butter and essential oils in our lip balm, make it the perfect overnight lip restorer and a fab cuticle softener too. It truly is #morethanjustalipbalm
Lip ability.
A lip balm is not just for your handbag, have one by your bed, on your desk, near the TV remote & in the bathroom. It's always a good time to apply lip balm so be ready, be able to just reach out and APPLY and don't share, a lip balm shared is a lip infection shared.
As we are well into Summer now (!) it's time to take advantage of our fabulous SMOOTH SUMMER SKIN Offer, spend £50 or over on any Jane Scrivner products and we will send you a full size Body Bath Oil worth £33. I like to apply my body oils at night so that they can super hydrate while I sleep - warm skin absorbs the oils so much more beautifully. Simply apply a few drops to each limb and massage in - after just a few days you will notice of much more supple, hydrated and luminescent your body looks. Bathe in them or wear them, Jane Scrivner Body Bath Oils are your overnight skin smoothing solution.
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