Jane Scrivner
Wildcrafted Lavender Drench
Nourishing, moisturising and softening.

Fresh, Wildcrafted, lavender drench. Harvested by hand in Provence, France. It's so fresh it's wild!. Use to nourish, moisturise, cleanse, tone and soften your skin.

I was first able to get hold of this amazing Wildcrafted Lavender Hydrolat, from the 2013, August harvest. It had literally just come off the press.

As a result of 'being on the list' this Wildcrafted Lavender is now a standard product and available all year round. It is also now a key ingredient of SKIN DRINK our Frankincense Hydrating Mist for toning and freshening skin. It smells to me of antique lavender mixed with dark, sticky honey and burnished Sun, but it will probably evoke something different for everyone…..

I say ‘been able to get hold of’ as this beautiful hydrosol still comes from a very small artisan provider in Provence and her harvest is very limited and always totally allocated to customers that have been buying from her for a long, long time.

It took some doing, I worked through a person, who knew a person, who knew someone that knew when to call her – when she wasn’t in the field at midnight, checking the plants – to ask her in the nicest possible way that if she were to have ANY stock left…could I please take it…..

And it paid off, I am now a 'stockist' and get regular deliveries.

It is truly amazing and I am keeping it in the Limited |Edition bottles for the time being - it's just 'less' limited now!!

It is of the most stunning hydrolat I have experienced in my lifetime. It’s hard to explain what it does, but you can use it to simply ‘apply’ to your skin and let it sink in and nourish, soften, refresh, cool, hydrate or moisturise.

It can be used as a light cleansing wipe when drizzled (carefully) onto a cotton pad to remove light make up or finish a deeper cleanse (with JS Nourishing Cleanser of course)

Wipe it ‘on’ before applying your normal facial oil or moisturiser as an extra layer of hydration.
It can be dropped onto cotton wool pads and placed over closed, tired eyes to refresh and reduce puffiness, it can be used for guys pre or post shave as a calming, soothing wipe.

It can be used as a skin spritz – but I would NEVER spritz it as you waste so much, just ‘wipe on’ with cotton pads to get the same effect.
Use it for post sun exposure to calm skin or in instances of skin irritation or redness.

Just use it, but don’t waste it.

Organic, Eco Cert, 100% Wildcrafted Lavender hydrolat.

Hydrolats form during the extraction of essential oil from the plant or flower. They hold high levels of skin nutrients and can be used in many ways, some people actually drink it.....

Check back to listen to Jane talking about her products.

Wildcrafted Lavender Drench
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