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We have some very firm rules and guidelines on all things 'clean' 'natural' 'organic' and of course 'animal testing'.

If there is anything you wish to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, but we hope to have explained our stance on all these issues in the statement below.
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We source our raw materials from single artisan suppliers.  I can give you my solid assurance that nothing is tested on animals, at any stage of our production or sourcing process on any materials raw or formulated.  We do not use any synthetics and any preservatives (only used on Expert Eye as it contains water) are ecocert.  We only use essential oils and base oils and these arrive direct from our artisan suppliers, so there is 'no place to hide'   Each of our suppliers are ecocert or equivalent and also certified as non-animal testing.

We buy organic wherever possible and we source through co-operatives too.  In the UK we aim to employ local and use all local traders – our photographer is in the next door farm, our printers up on the hill, designers in town (Stratford) and packaging company is in Oxford.  We manufacture our appliance in Wales and we are proud to be British!

Apart from Expert Eye (which is the most complicated formulation I have with water as it is a cream - but eyebright herb, white tea etc), my range is very simple in ingredient listing - core/base oils combined with essential oils.  In each and every case I know the supplier - my main job is phoning round to find the best harvest and the best quality product I can as we keep the ingredient list so simple - it has to be the best!


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