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Skin Kitchen works when your skin can't handle some of the ingredients. Essential oils are the 'actives' in many skincare products, but as such can irritate or cause reactions that we just don't want. Skin Kitchen means you can still have the skin nutrients of the core oils without the allergens or problems.

There are also times in your life, hormonal, pregnancy, breastfeeding and so on, that limit your choices of most skincare brands or mean your normal products are no longer or temporarily unsuitable for you.

At Jane Scrivner we can blend 'clean' or keep to a level of essential oils that suit your skin, prescriptively and descriptively.

We offer a consultation - either in person or over the phone and then we can make a recommendation and sample, then once approved, we blend.

The products are simply labelled and your 'formulations' are kept on file so that you can continue to order them.

The charge for this is a £50 for the consultation, samples and revisions - this fee is then redeemable against your first purchase and your products thereafter are charged as a £10 premium on any of the retail line - so if it's a CLEAN Nourishing Cleanser, then it's £46 plus £10 (plus p&p)

Skin Kitchen is for the times when 'off the shelf' just doesn't suit your skins needs.
Your 'customised blend' for skin issues.
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What customers say...
After trying numerous products to try and help my perimenopausal skin issues without success, I contacted Jane and she offered me a bespoke consultation through her Skin Kitchen. I have been using the products she suggested, namely a bespoke cleanser, her Intense oil for those nasty wrinkles and starflower soft gels. Delighted to say that my friends have commented on how good my skin looks and that I have really healthy glow! Great client service, speedy delivery and lovely, pure, clean , products.
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