Jane Scrivner
FLAXSEED OIL Conditioning Oil
Skin, Nail & Hair Conditioning

SKINTAKE FLAXSEED OIL is perfect for boosting the condition of skin, hair and nails. Suitable for all ages, male and female.

SKINTAKE FLAXSEED OIL is 100% Organic, single estate, raw and virgin oil. Flaxseed is well known to keep moisture levels and hydration of skin, hair and nails balanced. It has the perfect combination of Omega's 3 & 6 and is high in micro lignans for skin health internally and externally.
It can nourish and encourage healthy hair growth and shine, accelerating keratin production (dull and brittle hair can also be due to low EFA intake)

100% Organic, raw, virgin, single estate FLAXSEED Oil with Frankincense essential oil.

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