Jane Scrivner
Staying Gorgeous through The Menopause.

As if the menopause and all it’s stages isn’t enough to deal with, our skin takes a hit too and that’s why Starflower Oil is our ‘Oil of choice'.

Menopausal skin loves Starflower oil. It is anti ageing, anti inflammatory and anti oxidant. It
improves the health and appearance of skin tissue, improves texture and the high GLA content increases suppleness and moisture content of skin – keeping you glowing through the ‘glowing’.

Starflower Oil is also fabulous as a
food supplement. Many women take it
regularly to help with their menopausal symptoms. They report
that it helps reduce ‘hot flashes’ (power surges), mood swings and many other common side effects by helping to naturally regulate their
hormonal fluctuations.

Dispense a small amount onto pads of fingers, rub together gently to warm through and then press into
areas of need. Use sparingly.

Take one supplement daily with food.

1 x 30ml airless serum pump of virgin, raw, 100% Organic, single estate, cold pressed, Starflower facial treatment oil with Frankincense essential oil.

60 x 1000mg 100% Organic, single estate, cold pressed, Starflower softgel capsules.

100% Certified Organic Ingredients.

Check back to listen to Jane talking about her products.

STARFLOWER KIT for Menopausal Skin
30ml & 60 x Softgel Supplements
Item currently out of stock
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