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WARM ORB Full Starter Kit
Your Ultimate Skincare Delivery System.

I created The ORB for use in the professional skin care industry, making delivery of professional oils and balms much more effective and much more luxurious, the kind of luxury and skin care results you would expect from a 5 Star Spa.

Then I thought, why not have this kind of results driven luxury at home? why not make a weekly ‘SKINVESTMENT’, a deeply nourishing facial or mini body treatment, keeping your skin in the best, highly nourished condition you deserve it to be.

And so WARM ORB was created. You can 'home' use it for facials, body treatments, mani/pedi, and paraffin wax treats. And for the 'home waxers' amongst you, small area hair removal waxing – top lip, bikini line, underarm etc.

But we wanted to start at the beginning, to get you into the swing of things and familiar with WARM ORB. The CLEANSE, NOURISH, REJUVENATE, HYDRATE & LUMINATE Facial Treatment will take you just 20/25 minutes and make a world of skin care difference.

Our award winning NOURISHING CLEANSER acts as a daily cleanser, a warm balm nourishing cleanser and a decongesting, skin softening masque.

Finished off with our award winning ‘OO’ CREAM (Over Oil or On its Own CREAM) to lock in the goodness and protect.

There are a few key techniques to WARM ORB, dipping the whole brush head to grab as much product, not dripping the product by gently tapping the brush head on the side of the cup or along the product bar and painting so slowly to feel both the warm product and the warm temperature melt in the goodness.

WARM ORB application melts in the ingredients, increases penetration of the goodness and relaxes the muscles whilst increasing the circulation – totally nourishing the skin, brush full after WARM ORB brush full.

Simply dispense the amount of product you need into the perfectly designed cup (with ‘lip’ edges for easy handling) and ‘click’ into your WARM ORB, replace the lid and wait just a few minutes.

Products will be warmed through and deliciously ready to use once the small indicator light stops flashing and becomes solid.

Remove your WARM ORB from the base and use wherever and whenever you need it. Dip the brush into your product* and apply in slow ‘full’ strokes….melting the product into the skin. If you want to use different product in the same treatment, simply swap cups or add more product to the ‘now empty’ cup, when the light flashes to say it’s going to cool down, place your WARM ORB back on its base for a few minutes and you are ready to go again.

Once the application is complete you can use the ‘empty warm brush’ technique by ‘running’ the brush around the metal base of the cup and continue ‘applying’ to the skin, this re warms the applied product helping it to absorb more efficiently and relax you more deeply…..

…and when you’re done, just ‘un click’ the cup from WARM ORB and wash as normal.

Your WARM ORB will tell you exactly what it’s up to, the ring light on the base will tell you it’s on, the small light on the front of your WARM ORB will flash when it’s getting up to temperature and when it wants to ‘go home’ to its docking station to recharge it will flash to let you know that too, it’s pretty much talking to you!

Take a look at our YouTube videos to see how I use my WARM ORB and how I get the best out of my WARM ORB facial.

But most importantly, welcome to WARM ORB!!

*is suitable for most Jane Scrivner products. Natural and oil based cleansers, facial oils, serums, massage oils, mud’s, treatment balms and natural moisturisers…

WARM ORB Ultimate Skincare Delivery System.

WARM ORB Facial Brush
WARM ORB international adaptor/travel set
2 ORB cups
Luxury Headband

WARM ORB Full Starter Kit
Introductory price.
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