Jane Scrivner
I love these products, the smell, the feel, natural product 10+++ from me
Faye J 2016
“I don't wish to sound over dramatic but it really was a life changing moment for me. Never have I ever felt confident about my skin, your amazing products have transformed how my skin looks and most importantly how I feel about my skin. I proudly went down to breakfast this morning with not a scrap of make up on (well only a bit of lip gloss!) and it felt wonderful and totally liberating. Words cannot express my gratitude”
PC June 2015
“Using your wonderful cleansing balm and skin elixir has really helped my skin, it's totally sorted out my oily skin, and lots of friends have told me how much better my skin is now. I can honestly say the nourishing balm and skin elixir have completely changed the way I treat my skin. Since suffering with adult acne, and using harsh skin care products - which just made my skin worse - I was recommended to try your products, and within the first week my skin felt and looked so much better, I actually really enjoy doing my skin care routine now, the nourishing balm has worked wonders”
DS July 2015
“I have been using your products for close to 4 years and in May I turned 60 and with your wonderful products people tell me I have beautiful skin. I place this down to a good skincare regime and your great product!”
FW August 2015
“Just want to update you on my skin, it has never felt so good and is really clear for the first time in years. I am so happy, thank you very, very much”
TK August 2015
Love this range of products - my skin has never felt or looked so healthy! Friends keep eyeing me up and saying 'you look well' as if they can't quite pinpoint why! And the smell is heavenly!!
SH February 2016
First of all, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your products - having suffered with acne from the age of 14, I am finally able to leave the house with my head held high. The combination of the cleansing balm and the amazing Un-condition Oil has cleared and calmed my skin no end. They really are life changing products!
‘My combination skin was brighter and looking better within 24 hours, absolutely divine smell!
SKIN ELIXIR Anti-Ageing Beauty Bilble Award panel member.
'in the morning after using at night skin looks radiant and “alert” – wide awake!’
SKIN ELIXIR Anti-Ageing Beauty Bilble Award panel member.
‘as a beauty elixir/pick-me-up, it’s heaven; I use it all the time now and have noticed a definite improvement in skintone’.
SKIN ELIXIR Anti-Ageing Beauty Bilble Award panel member.
‘generous size lasts up to six months, has improved my combination skin by balancing and normalising it’
SKIN ELIXIR Anti-Ageing Beauty Bilble Award panel member.
‘after a few days, skin felt softer and well-moisturised, with a healthy-looking bloom, a definite thumbs-up for brighter, plumper skin, which feels smooth and less dry.
SKIN ELIXIR Anti-Ageing Beauty Bilble Award panel member.
My parcel arrived yesterday, thank you, and after only two applications the Un Condition oil has already made a huge improvement to my eyes - very much appreciated.
First of all, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your products - having suffered with acne from the age of 14, I am finally able to leave the house with my head held high. The combination of the cleansing balm and the amazing Un-condition Oil has cleared and calmed my skin no end. They really are life changing products!
“Jane Scrivner products are my saviour. Literally I would never ever feel confident to go make up free if it wasn't for this amazing woman and her cleanser. I've only been using it for 7 years!! That's how loyal I am! I have to just say I am not affiliated in any way or on commission for Jane and I don't sell her stuff. I just always recommend it because it's my number 1 and nothing compares!”
Expert Eye Duo - I feel like I'm giving myself a mini day and night treatment when I use this. I love the infusion of apricot in the night oil and rose in the day cream. The day cream is so smooth and nourishing for the delicate eye area. You only need a small amount of both, so it lasts forever. Beautiful product.
The Skin Elixir is a godsend. It really has improved the look and feel of my skin and I've had many a compliment about how glowing I look. To top it off it also smells divine.
I have the JS cleanser. I am hooked. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and moisturised with the scent of just walking out of a spa
I absolutely love the luxurious cleansing balm, with the mix of essential oils, jojoba and beeswax. My skin always feels so clean and nourished afterwards and it can also be used as an overnight mask. I couldn't be without it!
Love love love this product!
I had a customer with a bad case of rosecea who would normally react immediately if a product did not suit her skin! Well, I applied the cleansing balm and no reaction whatsoever! She was sooooo happy after trying endless useless products!
Can I have two of your delicious PEACE Reed Diffusers for the office, I love them...!
EW 2016
Arrived so tense and stressed and within 45 minutes felt relaxed and calm. Such a beautiful setting with the most lovely view you can't help but feel cocooned and safe in Jane's hands. Informative, inspirational and FUN. Wonderful to try the bespoke blending and take home a proper skincare regime - THANK YOU for a lovely day!
Emma 2016
The day was a gift from my daughter, which we both enjoyed. Jane's products are beautiful, I use some already but it was great to try out the full range and have it explained as to which product is best for which skin type. The afternoon was spent learning how to do a self facial using all the amazing products - thank you Jane for a very enjoyable and educational fun day.
Sylvia. 2016
I wish I had known some of this knowledge 20 years ago, although its never too late to start. Loved the day, amazing products and looking forward to my new facial routine at home!
Elinor Perry 2016
Fantastic day, very informative and enjoyable. I really enjoyed the informal nature of the day. I feel that I learned a lot.
Anon 2016
Amazing day, great blend of knowledge, practice and discussion. Completely love all the products, my skin feels amazing. Good handouts. I would thoroughly recommend this day as a treat or present - great products, information and environment.
Anon. 2016
If you want to understand your skin, how it works and how you look after it, this day is invaluable. Relaxing, informative and loved making up my own oil.
Anon. 2016
I love the way your beautiful oils are totally absorbed leaving my skin slick free, soft, much younger looking, and much less dry. My face looks and feels so different. That is very positive.
Personally blended oil PD 2015
After trying numerous products to try and help my perimenopausal skin issues without success, I contacted Jane and she offered me a bespoke consultation through her Skin Kitchen. I have been using the products she suggested, namely a bespoke cleanser, her Intense oil for those nasty wrinkles and starflower soft gels. Delighted to say that my friends have commented on how good my skin looks and that I have really healthy glow! Great client service, speedy delivery and lovely, pure, clean , products.
JD 2016
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